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The importance of temperature control in food storage

Creating bespoke, temperature-controlled environments is where it all began for Ambrey Baker 30 years ago. It’s our speciality and the sector where we remain market leaders to this day.

The need for cold storage facilities has been intensified throughout the COVID-19 pandemic; suppliers have truly realised the importance of long-lasting storage solutions that guarantee quality in a safe haven, especially when it comes to food service and frozen foods.

More than ever, it’s the responsibility of construction professionals to ensure these expectations are met and exceeded.

How tech can help your design

A high-quality temperature-controlled facility is the result of the latest industrial cooling system technology and second-to-none insulation. In short, these market-leading solutions essentially future-proof our clients’ operations.

If you’re storing food and drink – an industry in which Ambrey Baker specialises – temperature control is critical for food safety and keeping products fresh for as long as possible.

Electromechanical thermostats ensure this is done, often by using a sensor. If the temperature of a room changes, it is automatically detected and adjusted. By using the right tech, it’s also possible to achieve optimal energy efficiency, saving you time and money.

This process can all be monitored via electronic controllers, which are programmed to meet the specific needs of your design. The main benefits of remote control include reducing power consumption and collecting data, such as how many times the door of your cold storage facility is opened.

Our reliable network of partners supply cold storage technology that meets evolving standards and regulations, meaning our designs are always up-to-date when it comes to the best options and innovation.

The importance of good insulation

As mentioned above, another key consideration when it comes to temperature control is insulation.

High-quality thermal insulators should create a barrier that prevents the transmission of thermal energy and maintains internal temperatures. To do this, it is vital to select the right materials, design and installation.

We employ 60 in-house insulation installers who are experts when it comes to getting the job done.

Standing the test of time

Ensuring a quality product is about durability as much as anything else.

At Ambrey Baker, we operate our own flooring company to craft a unique, hard-wearing flooring option for clients. As well as providing longevity, these floors act as an additional insulator in our cold storage facilities.

All of our projects come with advice around maintenance and upkeep, plans created to ensure your facility is made to last.

Protection from fire

Fire protection in your cold storage facility is essential. When products are being stored for long periods, you need the security of knowing they will be safe should a fire break out.

Our fire walls are resistant for up to four hours, giving you time to discover and manage the problem.

Our cold and chilled storage solutions are always tailor-made to meet our clients’ exacting requirements. Every element is carefully considered along the way, to ensure the final result is the very best in cold storage solutions. 

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