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Reasons why you might consider expanding your warehouse space

Consumer behaviours have undoubtedly changed since the COVID-19 pandemic struck – along with priorities for logistics businesses.

Initial stockpiling, and a shock to the supply chain, has given the logistics sector the jolt it needed to make significant changes to the way we’re storing products. Not to mention, the emphasis on safety improvements across workspaces is greater than ever.

Maximising space in design has never been so important – and we’ve seen a huge upturn in demand from our clients for extensions and increasing capacity.

Here, we explore some of the reasons why you might consider investing in changes to your pre-existing warehouse storage space.

A change in habits

In recent times, there has been a significant rise in online shopping, with more consumers turning to home deliveries as a result of social distancing measures. Suppliers have identified a need for more storage space to facilitate this shift; especially because so much of the demand is for long lasting use by dates.

Our client activity has indicated that enhanced cold storage requirements are growing in line with demand for long-lasting use-by dates on foods.

This rise in cold storage isn’t only the case in the food and drink industry, either. Pharmaceutical and healthcare businesses need safe and future-proofed storage solutions for medicine, drugs, blood and plasma in case of rising hospital admissions linked to COVID-19, as we experienced at the start of this year.

Social distancing

To stem the transmission of the coronavirus, social distancing in the workplace is the new norm, and will be for the foreseeable future. Legally, suppliers need to create more spacious working environments to keep their employees as safe as can be.

At Ambrey Baker, we have received multiple enquiries around converting or extending existing warehouse spaces to enable businesses with cold storage needs to improve capacity – and operate safely.

Project productivity

Creating more space in storage facilities can contribute to the greater productivity of your site. That is, having more space enables things to be done quicker and more efficiently.

If you’re thinking of investing in changes to your facility, a warehouse extension can provide the perfect opportunity to visit every part of the design and ensure your entire estate is operating at an optimum standard.

A fit-out is also an opportunity to revisit the technology currently being used in your warehouses.

One element of cold storage design that has become a main consideration following coronavirus is UVC light technology. UVC offers many significant benefits when it comes to product safety. For example, UVC light can reduce microbial contamination of air and food surfaces within cold and chill stores and the refrigeration units, making it an ideal solution for food and drink distributors.

Though the coronavirus pandemic is a turbulent time for all, it has given logistics professionals the much-needed opportunity to rethink how they are operating their storage solutions. For more information about how we can support your warehouse extension, visit