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Read this before investing in cold storage

Ambrey Baker cold storage facility

The distribution of COVID-19 vaccines is providing many people with hope that the pandemic is easing.

But did you know that two of the three main vaccines currently available in the UK – Pfizer and Moderna – require cold storage?

Demand for cold storage has risen exponentially during the coronavirus crisis, driven by the pharmaceutical and retail industries in no small part.

Creating bespoke, temperature-controlled environments is at the heart of what we do at Ambrey Baker.

Cold storage is our speciality and the sector where we have remained market leaders for more than 30 years.

If you require cold storage solutions, here are some key things to consider:

Is your project feasible?

A cold storage project requires an initial feasibility study, which will include an estimated final cost. 

The Ambrey Baker team studies investment trajectories, cost plans, success rates, and potential issues to anticipate all eventualities.

Using this disciplined approach, we can eradicate risks before they arise, minimising issues and increasing our ability to complete your project successfully.

Our feasibility studies cover technical, economic, legal, and scheduling considerations to provide a credible report on the proposed venture.

Any business looking to invest in or expand its cold storage solutions should carry out a feasibility study before committing to a project.

Consider all construction costs

It’s a good idea to take the intelligence gathered in your feasibility study and use it to consider all other construction costs.

We previously compiled an in-depth guide on the range of construction costs involved in a cold storage project.

From acquiring equipment and technology, to investing in insulation or anticipating energy use, the variables are vast.

That’s why at Ambrey Baker we will work closely with you to plan a cold storage construction project carefully, unpicking all the fine details.

Invest in technology

Technology plays a critical role in cold storage and the latest multi-functional innovations should be part of your overall solution.

Electronic thermostats or controllers now often integrate the compressor, evaporator fan and defrost heater.

This maximises energy efficiency and guarantees a stable internal temperature to protect the long-term viability of perishable goods.

The current COVID-19 guidance recommends maintaining well-ventilated areas to limit the spread of the virus indoors.

State-of-the-art HVAC systems can support temperature control within facilities, as well as keeping spaces air-conditioned for workers.

UVC light technology can also prevent microbial contamination of air and surfaces within cold and chill stores and the refrigeration units.

Today’s responsible business owners should consider investing in these kinds of technological innovations to make their cold storage as effective as possible.

When it comes to cold storage, planning is everything. For more information on how Ambrey Baker can help you, visit: