As one of the UK’s leading specialists in the construction of cold and chilled storage solutions for the past 30+ years, we possess all of the knowledge and resources to plan and execute every phase of construction; from planning and conception, to maintenance and use.

With a wide range of designs, installations, strategic alliances, and contacts in the field, we’re able to craft the perfect storage solution for your product, at any scale required. Our solutions are innovative but practical, flexible and efficient, but they are also made to last, using high quality, durable fire retardant or resistant materials designed to future-proof your temperature-controlled storage. We have our own flooring company which can provide flat, durable, and hard-wearing floors; a team of 60 insulated panel installers in house, along with good docks and doors; efficient plant and asset protection measures; and a great network of suppliers and designers. We know what to do to get it right as economically as is possible without compromising on the durability, operational performance, and efficiency of the store.

We will occasionally undertake conventional ambient warehousing, depending on the customer and the nature of the project.

We also work closely with some of our alliance partners who will fund and lease-back the building or building extension to you so that your initial capital expenditure is minimal.