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Extending warehouse space: the top 5 things to consider

For any business that relies on warehouse and storage solutions, there may come a day when more space is needed – either to help you meet increasing demand or improve capacity.

At Ambrey Baker, we are one of the UK’s leading specialist industrial solutions providers and principal contractors that services the food and drink, manufacturing and pharmaceutical sectors, as well as the cold and chilled storage industries.

With more than 30 years’ experience, it’s safe to say we know a thing or two about storage.

Here are our top 5 things to ask yourself before you upgrade your warehouse capacity or storage solutions.

Is the project feasible?

Before starting a project of any kind, whether new-build or refurbishment, it is vital to conduct a thorough and comprehensive feasibility study.

An expert contractor should help paint a picture of all eventualities – from investment trajectories and cost plans to success rates and identifying potential issues before they have a chance to arise.

At Ambrey Baker, our feasibility studies cover technical, economic, legal, and scheduling considerations.

Our expert team impartially and rationally assesses the relative strengths and weaknesses of any prospective project to provide a credible report on the proposed venture.

In turn, this enables us to create a reliable, honest account of the project from day one, to ensure we keep our promise to provide the highest quality outcome possible.

Do I need a new building?

When more space is needed, there are two options for expansion: build from the ground up or enhance existing assets.

It’s imperative to weigh up both new-build or fit-out as a way to increase your warehouse capacity. This decision should reflect where your business is currently, and what its long-term needs will be.

A new-build project can be complex, but might be the right option for a business that requires a significant amount of new space to facilitate growth.

It’s important to work with a trusted construction company on any new-build project; one that can see you through each aspect of the build.

From the initial planning application, to project management during the main bulk of work on site – collaboration and know-how are key.

Can I use existing assets?

For many established companies, new buildings are not a pre-requisite to expansion and success.

Often, spaces can be modified and used more intelligently to take advantage of previously unexploited assets. 

Therefore, a fit-out project to refurbish and extend existing structures might be the preferred option.

An expert construction partner like Ambrey Baker can help with careful planning, innovative design, and quality construction methods to make the most of existing spaces.

Which principal contractor should I choose?

Whichever principal contractor you decide to work with, they should fundamentally be the driving force in helping you to make your storage requirements a reality.

Consider whether they share your values and aspirations; drive and passion for the industry; attention to detail; or specialist sector needs.

Do they have a track record?

A principal contractor should also have the experience, know-how, and reach to deliver a successful project, on time and in budget.

Look at their track record – do they know your sector and which companies have employed the business to carry out their vision?

As a multi-disciplinary solutions provider to the specialist industrial and storage sectors, at Ambrey Baker we act as the main contractor when delivering capex projects for world-class leaders in their fields and blue-chip quality businesses.

Take a look at all the industry leaders we have worked with over the years in our three decades of business.

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