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A four-hour fire wall can make all the difference

The coronavirus crisis has resulted in immense stress and pressure across supply chains. While attention has primarily focussed on the transport industry, and moving products from A to B on an international or domestic basis, the warehousing industry has also been heavily impacted.

This is predominantly due to the initial erratic consumer behaviour we saw back in March, leading to an unpredictable forecast in near-future shopping trends.

Some products have seen extraordinary demand, such as flour and toilet roll, while the call for other ‘non-essential’ items has deteriorated. This, in turn, has led to products that were ordered or shipped before the crisis piling up in warehouses, ports and airports around the world.

With increased inventory comes the need for increased storage capacity. Many industry analysts were issuing severe warnings around the lack of storage at the start of the pandemic. In fact, the Cold Storage Federation issued a statement detailing how “storage is currently at capacity and export flows to China have slowed to a near standstill. This has created a bottleneck in storage capacity.”

Though the issue is less prevalent in the media now, many operators are still feeling the pressures of an unstable market. Rapid action is being taken to increase capacity in original units, or invest in additional buildings. When embarking on this mission, it is important to take caution and ensure the proper safety regulations are carried out to guarantee your investment’s longevity. 

For example, rapid construction could lead to mistakes being made and an increased likelihood of fires breaking out within warehousing units. This could be lethal for your business, as an uncontrolled fire has the potential to destroy everything in its path. Fire risk is one of the main concerns we are seeing flagged by our customers who are keen to increase their storage capacity. 

The high-quality design and manufacturing of Ambrey Baker’s fire walls mean that they are able to withstand up to four hours of fire. This could make all the difference between losing everything, or proper containment allowing enough time for the problem to be dealt with. 

Each fire wall is designed and produced to the highest specification, allowing you to control the uncontrollable, providing staff with a protective cocoon of panel construction, and ultimately minimising damage should a fire occur.

While everyone is tightening their belts right now, the need to invest in quality-assured composite fire walls could save on huge financial damages in the future. 

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